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Internet and social media (apps) have made sex incredibly accessible. Most parents would rather skip ‘the sex talk’ altogether, but it’s inevitable in this day of age. The bees and the birds story gained a few new chapters throughout the years. Sexting (the sending and forwarding of nude pictures via apps) is quite common – but there’s a catch: nude pictures are often lost in group apps, which can lead to disastrous consequences. The psychological damage after being ‘exposed’ can be very severe, especially for teens. We were challenged to create an awareness campaign against sexting, or better yet: to get the conversation started between parents and children. It’s up to them to teach them how to deal with the risks. Check it out.


Gemeente Amsterdam & Qpido


Awareness campaign


December 2017

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We create the type of advertising that’s worth your time. After all: it’s the one thing money can’t buy. That mindset is the foundation of our work. Our cases vary from widespread social media campaigns to day-to-day social media content creation and management. There’s but one rule: the social content should earn your time, not claim it.

Word on the street is that working with us is like a walk in the park. We’re great listeners and we always go the extra mile – that’s probably because we are extremely passionate about our work. Got some time on your hands? Click to read our manifesto or peep our projects. Or both.


Some of our clients are: Ymere, Nationale Postcode Loterij, Singapore Airlines, Jaarbeurs, Jet Airways, WWF, Speech Republic, Amazing Thailand and Singha Beer.

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