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WWF Netherlands: Ocean Witness

According to fairytales and comics, a hero is someone with superpowers that saves the day single-handedly. In this world, real-life superheroes lack superpowers. But their work is magical nonetheless. Especially the work of those that contribute to the world’s well-being on a daily basis. Or the oceans in this particular case. You are probably aware of the fact that the oceans aren’t doing too good (to say the least of the least). For many people, this issue doesn’t feel pressing enough. It’s those who live in coastal communities that witness the changes caused by pollution, overfishing, climate change and so on. They are affected first-hand and they are also often the ones trying to solve the problems by adjusting their day-to-day habits. Ironically, the oceans are everybody’s business. WWF Netherlands asked us to shed some bright, positive light on this insight. Read on, would ya?


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September 2017

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Advertising is here to stay, so why not make it worthwhile? That mindset is the foundation of our work – regardless of its magnitude. We create the type of advertising that’s worth your time. That varies from widespread campaigns to day-to-day social media content. Our work is characterized by three things:

it’s digital, it’s creative and it’s social. Word on the street is that working with us is like a walk in the park. We’ve been told that we’re great listeners and we always go the extra mile. That’s probably because we are madly passionate about our work. Got some time on your hands? Click to read our manifesto or peep our projects.


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