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We're the social first agency that focuses on earning people's time on social media. For brands, naturally. See what we're up to on our social channels and scroll down to see our happy faces.

Guy Lokhoff
The Dreamer

His enthusiasm is like a bouncing ball; easy to catch and a whole lot of fun.
“I never do stunts. I do theatrical performances.”

Baba Touré
Boss Man

Manages everything. No really. It's annoying.
“Did you remember to send that email on Dec. 3rd at 9:07 pm” (Dec. 3rd, 9:08 pm)

Serina Leijting
Project Juggler

She. gets. sh*t. done.
"And who's going to pay for this?"

Daan Zonderland
Design Devotee

Literally and figuratively speaking, he makes your dreams come true.

*Adds yourdream.aep to the render queue*

Merel Klijn Velderman
Social Media Miracle

Everything social media wished for and more.
Also, has a secret crush on data.

Rosa Veldhuis
Concept, Copywriter & Socializer

Puts ideas into words and words into ideas. Mood manager on the side.

Melanie Berke
Digital Demigod

If content is king, community management is queen.

Monique Nelis
Artistic Protégée

That girl from the south with the mean design skills.
*insert soft g here*

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