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For the Amsterdam Pride we want to bring a tribute to our inclusive city. How? Through the social video ‘Amsterdam Smiles’. 

Gemeente Amsterdam


Gemeente Amsterdam is proud of the annual Pride, and rightly so. The diversity and inclusiveness among Amsterdam residents and visitors make everybody happy. No wonder our city literally smiles: looking from above, draw two eyes in the river IJ and see the canals are smiling back at you. 🙂

We took this fun insight as the basis of the video and showed the positive vibes of the diverse city.  


The 60 second vertical video (social proof) consists of quick edits of very different people enjoying Amsterdam. From fierce draq queens and kissing LHBTIQ couples to playing kids. 



It may be clear: we are proud. And it’s not just the video we’re proud of: in terms of results, the amount of organic reach was tremendous. Also, the video got a lot of free publicity in local and industry media alike.

Gemeente Amsterdam

Amsterdam Lacht. Fijne Pride allemaal!

Teken twee ogen in het IJ en zie dat de grachten lachen.

Zoveel liefde voor onze stad. We wensen iedereen een prachtige Pride.

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