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Bever, one of the biggest outdoor retailers of the Netherlands, offers apparel, equipment and footwear for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s Bevers' ambition to help people enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. Instore, they make this happen by giving personal advice and offering a wide range of services (washing, repairing, recycling). On social Bever claims this role by sharing tips, tricks and inspiration.

The outdoors is for everyone

When shops closed during the pandemic, social became an even more relevant channel to continue the conversation. We helped Bever share their love for the outdoors on social, with inspirational and relevant content helping society to enjoy the outdoors.

Cultural relevance

The outdoors treats us well and therefore we should treat the outdoors well. Bever believes in a world where things last a long time. That's why they sell top-quality products. If something breaks, they will do everything they can to fix it for you. With a captivating organic format called 'Love for the outdoors', we provided outdoor enthusiasts with useful tips and tricks on how to contribute to sustainability.


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