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Amsterdam is one of the greatest cities in the world and we have the pleasure of working for it. What we do comes in different shapes and sizes. Always social first and always culturally relevant.

Oranje Ondersteboven. Orange upside down.

King’s Day, the best party of the year. Amsterdam turns orange and you find street parties, flea markets and music everywhere. Due to the COVID-19, in 20202 we’d to celebrate King’s Day at home and needed a positive twist. Oranje Ondersteboven was the fresh perspective we all needed that increased the sense of community by motivating the people of Amsterdam to stay inside and party from home.

Amsterdam Smiles

Amsterdam is on a global level, the city that’s well known for its diversity and freedom. For the Amsterdam Pride, the council wanted to bring a tribute to the inclusive city. The diversity and inclusiveness among Amsterdam residents and visitors make everybody happy. No wonder the city literally smiles: looking from above, draw two eyes in the IJ river and see the canals smiling back at you. A fun insight and therefore the foundation of the video that shared the smile you get from the city.

Amsterdam Dances

2019 left us with a year filled with highlights and some challenging moments. The Ajax championship, the ban on mopeds on most of Amsterdam’s cycle paths and new construction projects. Yet, Amsterdam is a city filled with people who are determined to always celebrate the successes of that same city. How do we express this determination? Through dance. An authentic image of the city through the eyes of dancing people. Using Amsterdam as a stage where everyone can dance in their own way.


Why pick one colour if you can have all?