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What’s the case

Diadermine is here to help women with a more positive attitude towards ageing. Although their ambition is remarkable, their social channel didn’t yet share this message. There was a necessity to start sharing their beliefs by creating a social mentality. Self love became the foundation that encourages women to feel more confident and comfortable about their skin appearance.

Distinctive brand messaging

Self love is about ageless beauty for all skin types and all women at any age. Every piece of content embraces self love in for example, time that you deserve to spend on yourself, or self love in wording such as compliments, or self love in care with using certain products. It's inspirational, educational, enlightening, always on content that differentiates between product focussed and motivational, storytelling content.

The result

Within the first two months the organic reach increased by 55% and the engagement rate increased by 20% and still counting. Keeping up with the success requires refreshing new content for each month where we stay close to the self love messaging, yet share it in new innovative ways.


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