How do we make our brand relevant on social media?

Friesche Vlag


A product like Friesche Vlag Latte represents a shift in consumer behavior. Where basic black coffee used to be the norm, people now massively enjoy their pumpkin spice lattes with fine milk. One thing that hasn’t changed, is the fact that coffee moments are moments made to be enjoyed. And Friesche Vlag brings that to people’s homes, and now she brings a piece of enjoyment to your mobile or desktop screen. That enjoyment is the strategic foundation of the social brand we built for Friesche Vlag.

Friesche Vlag

To do vandaag: he-le-maal niks 💤 #maandagvoeltalszondag
#frieschevlag #meergenieten

Nog één hapje dan.. 😋 #frieschevlaglatte #meergenieten

We make creative Facebook & Instagram content focused on enjoying coffee to the fullest. We create stopping power in content by diving into the world of our coffee lovers: what do they want to see? How can we add something joyful to peoples’ feeds? Using brand guidelines to increase recognition, but always leaving in room for creativity.

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