We want people to rethink the way they buy gifts, and let them know that we are the one-stop giftshop.

America Today


Fact: (gift) giving makes people happy. Giving thoughtful gifts makes people even happier. “It’s the thought behind it that counts” is the foundation of our creative sales campaign for America Today. In Give more we add experiences to the America Today gift collection in creative content and digital out-of-home placements throughout Amsterdam. We highlight both the experiential part of giving and the availability of their gift collection by opening the first 24/7 giftshop.

It's a wrap!

The creatives highlighted an experience that matched with the product, i.e. you don’t give a raincoat, you give 365 dry bikerides. You don’t buy a friend beerpong, you invite them to a legendary night of #winning.

America Today

How’s this for an amazing gift 💛 Ready to give more? Go to

All you need to get the party started. And to keep it going. 💃

The one-stop give shop

We brought Give more to life with the first 24/7 give shop at Magna Plaza, conveniently located at one of the busiest bus stops in Amsterdam. The bus stop was transformed into a store where people could grab special gifts from the gift machine. And if they wanted more gifts, the America Today store in Magna Plaza was a stone’s throw away.

“The most wonderful time of the year asks for the most wonderful gifts. And let’s face it: a present means a lot more when you’ve put some thought into it. So let’s give more.”

America Today

How about a late night gift shopping spree? Get your gift right now at the 24/7 give shop at Magna Plaza

Is your birthday coming up? Tell your friends to visit our 24/7 give shop at Magna Plaza.

This holiday season we’re bringing our gifts to you. Visit our 24/7 give shop at Magna Plaza. Always open. Always ready to give more.

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