Searching for neighbors

In search of Amsterdam's finest neighbors for Stadgenoot's housing project Stek Oost


We need to find house-hunting young professionals and students with the willingness to help their neighbors (qualifying beneficiaries) integrate for Stadgenoot’s housing project Stek Oost.


Instead of focussing on differences between the qualifying beneficiaries and Dutch the young professionals, we found the common denominator between the two: everybody needs a good neighbor. After all, making someone feel welcome means nothing more than being a good neighbor. We took a spin on two existing campaign videos from Stadgenoot and added creative storytelling content for the social campaign Searching for neighbors, focussing on storytelling via Instagram stories and engaging Facebook content.

What we did

Creative concept, social strategy, social advertising.


The campaign received many positive comments, showing the goodwill of young Amsterdammers. In 2019, Stek Oost will welcome 250 happy studio owners, ready to invest time in being good neighbors to each other.



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