We plan to disrupt the travel market. How do we position ourselves and launch our brand? Side note: make it digital first.


First thing's first

You can’t build a house on quicksand, so we first defined the brand’s values and proposition.Vakanties.nl entertains a traveler’s every need, from early flights to late check-outs. It was only natural that we built Vakanties.nl on the promise: Freedom of choice in a world of package holidays. This gave us the strategic direction needed for the launch campaign.

Creative concept

Imagine this: you’re about to set foot outside of the door. Your bags are packed, you’ve got your passport in your hand and your boarding pass is stacked safely in your fanny pack. Feels exciting, right? We built the creative launch campaign on the recognizable excitement you feel when you’re about to go on a holiday. We portrayed Dutch travelers doing exactly that: setting foot outside of their frontdoors right before they start their unforgettable holiday. The outings were shared via Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Instagram.


Lekker vroeg vertrekken? Kies zelf jouw vluchttijden bij Vakanties.nl. ✈️

Kies de vakantie die bij jou past op Vakanties.nl.☀️

Vroegboeken of toch liever last-minute op reis? ✈️

We created countless treatments that took into account all variables from different media channels. The challenge was to keep in mind how different content types are consumed by people. We also varied the video concepts based on average durations, optimal use of screens (working around those ‘skip ad’ and ‘swipe up’ buttons) and other functionalities.

Medium Instagram

Even though the campaign focused on social media, it also ran on TV. Adapting an online campaign to fit television forced us to rethink the script to match the linear format. If you’re curious to learn how that works, drop a line.

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