We all know that housing in Amsterdam can be somewhat of a struggle. Fear not! HuisjeHuisje saves the day.

We all know that housing in Amsterdam can be somewhat of a struggle. To top that off, the waiting line for social housing is endless. There’s no solution for the shortage in housing. But (drums please) there is a solution for those dreadful waiting lines. It’s called HuisjeHuisje (HouseHouse) and it’s an app that enables you to swap houses. Genius. And we’re lucky enough to put HuisjeHuisje on the social media radar.




Oktober 2017


Brand Awareness

First we’ll give a short introduction of HuisjeHuisje. This app is created by 28 housing corporations, among which Ymere and Rochdale. The app works quite easily: it’s Tinder for rental houses. You swipe through other people’s homes, and decide which one you like. Literally. Does the other person like your house back? It’s a match! Hooray! Let the moving (horror) begin.

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Everything's content

Instead of randomly pushing app install ads, we created an extensive strategy for the first (crucial) months of HuisjeHuisje on the world wide social media web.

We made the distinction between branding content and ‘app-only’ content. In other words: from informative blogs to GIFs to memes and back. We could talk about it for days, but it’s better to just like and follow HuisjeHuisje and see what’s up.