Jet Airways x Toronto

Introducing Jet Airways' route from Amsterdam to Toronto.

Jet Airways is the #1 airline of India. But their route network reaches further than just the Far East. In 2016 they launched a new route, connecting India to Toronto via Amsterdam. This means that Dutchies get to fly straight to Canada in a jiffy. A new route deserves some extra attention. We created three videos with Dutch influencers, each with a different reason to visit the majestic six. The idea was to match the different reasons for their visit to three different travel classes (Economy, Première and First). We follow up the video campaign with sales posts for the route, using creatives that match the videos. The campaign is live as we speak.


July 2017


Jet Airways


Awareness campaign

From Amsterdam to Toronto

Instead of depicting Toronto’s beauty without a deeper storyline, we looked for answers closer to home. (Did someone say influencers?) We decided to segment the stories into Economy Class, Première (business) and First Class (extra, extra luxurious). We selected our ‘characters’ based on their story. Leisure travellers might prefer economy, so we chose someone who knows everything about leisure traveling: Anne de Buck, the founder of popular Dutch blog Your Little Black Book. For Première, we worked with Claire Cliteur, also known as Claartje Rose.

And for First Class, we portrayed entrepreneur and owner booming restaurant The Avocado Show: Ron Simpson. Anne dove in the city for content creation, Claire got a sneak peek of the city’s buzzing culture and fashion industry and Ron would get the chance to unwind after a bustling launch of his restaurant. The first phase is all about generating reach amongst the different audiences (matching different travel classes). Afterwards, they will be retargeted with link click posts to the bookings page of Jet Airways. Sequential messaging: check. The campaign is up and running so no results just yet, but bear with us.

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