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Creating brand preference for multiple FrieslandCampina brands by developing playful social first campaigns. The goal repeatedly is to define the role of the brand as a person on social (we’re all humans). The challenge is to be human whilst sharing your brand beliefs and values.


Optimel is the dairy brand that is known by many and loved by a strong community. On social media we feed our community with light hearted content that inspires & guides you to take good care of yourself and make responsible choices. All campaigns share the mentality ‘choose well, feel good’. Connecting the brand to the wellbeing lifestyle while highlighting new products.


When we celebrate life a little bit more, we feel more happy. This is something that Mona feels very strongly about. All Mona content is colourful, playful and fun. The campaigns share this feeling, celebrate life with Mona products such as Mona Indulgent Yogurt, Mona Cake and Mona Pudding. Pssst. Did you know that Mona is the inventor of the word ‘toetje’?

Friesche Vlag

Friesche Vlag is so much more than the milk cups at our granny’s home. They've created the perfect milk to get your perfect latte. Barista’s all over the world use it and you can get that same quality in your own home. Taking into account the little moments we have where we actually spend time with ourselves and each other, we inspire people by showing how easy quality time can be. Just enjoy a good coffee with friends and family.


Pasta without cheese is like french fries without mayonnaise. Parrano cheese shares that message to always finish your Italian dish with cheese. We showed the finishing ingredient of your Italian dish, Parrano cheese, in three social campaigns focussed on (1) the range of Parrano, (2) the new cheese to grate product and (3) the combination of carpaccio with Parrano cheese. Mouthwatering, playful content that shares the brand beliefs on finishing your Italian dish with cheese.


Why pick one colour if you can have all?