Ocean Witness

A spotlight on the heroes of the oceans.

According to fairytales and comics, a hero is someone with superpowers that saves the day single-handedly. In the real world superheroes lack superpowers, but their work is magical nonetheless. Especially the work of those that contribute to the world’s well-being on a daily basis – the oceans in this particular case. You are probably aware of the fact that the oceans aren’t doing too good. For many people, this issue doesn’t feel pressing enough. It’s those who live in coastal communities that witness the changes caused by pollution, overfishing, climate change and so on. They are affected first-hand and they are often the ones trying to solve the problems by adjusting their day-to-day habits. Ironically enough, the oceans are everybody’s business. WWF asked us to shed some bright, positive light on this insight.






Awareness campaign

Social media management

Where to start?

Ocean Witness is created to share the stories of people that are affected first-hand and try to contribute to solutions. These people are called Ocean Witnesses. The brand (or community) is focused on stories, because they shape how we see the world. It’s those perceptions that shape our actions. In other words: stories can change our actions, and what better stories to share than the ones of those who try to make the world a better place?

The stories of Ocean Witnesses are shared through video, articles and photography on the official Ocean Witness website. We started with creating the first video of Ocean Witness Emanuel in Portugal (scroll down to watch it). Before the launch of Ocean Witness, we executed extensive research to the succes factors of online communities. This consisted of desk research and a focus group together with WWF.

"Stories shape how we see the world, and it's those perceptions upon which we base our actions."

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The Ocean Witness community

Hammerfest is responsible for the social media strategy, the advertising campaign and the day-to-day community management. We created and produced the launch video concept together with our production partner Boomerang. The Ocean Witness brand was officially launched at the Healers of the Ocean event in Chile in September 2017, alongside a social media campaign. From then on, we started managing the global online community from our headquarters in Amsterdam.

The response to Ocean Witness is highly positive. The targeting is focused on nature-minded people and people living in local coastal communities. We continue to expand the online community by sharing inspiring content on Facebook, Instagram and the official website. In the meantime, we received publications from big fish such as Chasing Coral and WWF Global. There’s still a long way to go to create a world with Ocean Witnesses only. Bear with us.

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