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What’s the case

The Netherlands shares over 200 nationalities. Yet, we don’t have a national broadcaster that embraces, sees and hears all these beautiful unique people and stories? That's where ZWART comes in. The broadcaster that shares all kind of perspectives from the Netherlands. Our goal? Launch the ZWART brand and realise 50K paid memberships within 100 days. To achieve this goal we partnered with agency partners: Buutvrij, MediaMonks, WeFilm, Havas, Baas, Maak and PRSSKD.

Launch the brand

Time to wake up The Netherlands with a broadcast station that underlines diversity. With zero budget we launched ZWART. We asked 250 influencers to share our campaign message 'wakker?' and invite their followers to become part of the ZWART community. On day 3 we shared the campaign video which introduced the mission and vision of ZWART. Resulting in seeing ZWART all over the newspapers and the hottest topic on social media.

Community building & conversion

To achieve our goal we had to build an active community while also focussing on conversion: making sure people become a paying member. We developed social content on a daily base sharing the story of ZWART to make sure people knew what the believe is behind brand. Only by telling the ZWART story we could convince people to become a paying member, this as the broadcast station hadn't developed any regular content yet. To keep reaching new audiences we organised weekly Instagram live sessions with new guests every week.

To increase our paying members we decided halfway into the campaign to organise the 'Verdubbeldag' (Double day). The goal of this activation was to double our members by asking all followers to invite one of their friends or relatives to become a ZWART member.

The result

Within three weeks ZWART was the largest broadcast station in the Netherlands on Instagram with more than 100k followers.
More importantly was the succeeded ambition of 50k paying members within 100 day, within 55 days (!) due to the huge impact of Verdubbeldag. With 50k paying members (and counting) ZWART is able to apply for screen time on national TV and proceed for government subsidy to develop content.


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