How do we introduce Parrano cheese as the perfect topping for your pasta?



Pasta without cheese is like french fries without mayonnaise. That’s what the Parrano payoff says: finish your Italian dish with Parrano cheese (maak jouw Italiaanse gerecht écht af). And that’s why we showed the audience that Parrano cheese should always be the finishing ingredient of your Italian dish with three social campaigns that set the desire for an Italian meal.


Welk Italiaans gerecht je ook kiest, je maakt het écht af met Parrano. #Parrano

Dat is nog eens een lekker hapje…#parrano

Mouthwatering content

The three social campaigns focus on (1) the range of Parrano, (2) the introduction of a new product (a piece of cheese to grate) and the combination of carpaccio with Parrano cheese. We tapped into the world of pasta lovers and created mouthwatering and playful content with the focus on finishing the dish with cheese.

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