Let's talk about sexual violence against boys


How do we make sure that sexually abused boys seek out for help?


Show them – and their parents – that it’s nothing to be ashamed of and that they aren’t alone. And more importantly: let them know that Qpido can help. We use discrepancies to get the conversation started on social media, because talking about it is the first step to bettering the situation. The social media campaign (re-)targeted teens in the Amsterdam region. 

What we did

Creative concept, video production, web design, social advertising


The campaign was effective in reaching many people (956.700+ people reached, 408.000+ video views), but more importantly: the response showed us we reached the right people (800+ comments, 300+ organic shares). The campaign sparked quite some conversations. Hopefully, the victims will now feel safe enough to reach out to Qpido. 


Qpido Amsterdam


Lamalama (webdesign)

Bruut.tv (video production)

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20.000+ boys become victims of sexual violence each year – let's help them speak up.

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