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What’s the case

Rituals is all about the Art of Soulful living. This sense of Art and Soulful living is reflected in all products and their stories. We have the privilege to share the brand philosophy on TikTok in a way that fits the brand and the TikTok community.

Finding happiness in the smallest things

The Art of Soulful living is about living in the present. Seeing and embracing the beauty in the little things that are happening now. TikTok is a platform that revolves around instant entertainment where we found the brand connection in finding happiness in the smallest things. We embrace and translate this happiness in playful, inspiring content that helps the community connecting with the Art of Soulful living.

The result

The content results in an engaged community that is still rising with over an 10K increase in following over just a few weeks, thousands of likes, comments and above all a community that finds precisely that connection in the joy of finding happiness in the smallest things.


Why pick one colour if you can have all?