The Singapore Airlines Gallery

Singapore Airlines is not an airline that takes customer experience lightly. And neither do we.

They wanted to give the Dutch travelers a taste of what a Home in the sky means for their travelers. And that’s where we came in. Their positioning No Detail Too Small needed to become something Dutch consumers could see, taste, feel and hear. Instead of joining the Vakantiebeurs, they decided to switch things up and create their own Singapore Airlines Gallery – right in the city centre of Amsterdam. We were responsible for the creative concept, production, advertising campaign, video content and PR.


Singapore Airlines


Offline activation

Social campaign


November 2016

No detail is too small

The choice for the Museumkwartier – a stone’s throw away from Rijksmuseum – was an ace in the hole. However, the prestigious neighborhood alone would not suffice. No detail too small really was the highest aim for the gallery experience. A special centerpiece was tastefully designed especially for the Singapore Airlines Gallery. Visitors could view special art items made by 

Luca Iaconi-Stewart, A Sky of Orchids by The Wunderkammer, mural art by Skulljan and exclusive KrisWorld items. Peep the Hello Kitty Singapore Airlines edition below. Cuteness overload. Visitors could book tickets for special offers in exclusive gift packaging. Also, they stood to win 100.000 KrisFlyer miles. Press was invited to inspiring beauty, art and lifestyle workshops.

"No Detail Is Too Small" really was the highest aim in creating the gallery experience.


We wouldn’t be Hammerfest, if we wouldn’t aim to reach the bigger audience. That is why the target goal for the Gallery was not the amount of visitors, but premium content that’s engaged all travelers.  The Singapore Airlines Gallery teaser ran on the social media channels of Singapore Airlines. The gallery got publicized on qualitative media

such as Quote, Man-man and National Geographic. The total reach of the campaign exceeded 7 figures – if you know what I mean. Looking at the bigger picture (which is ironic, when you look at their positioning) the success of the gallery was the highly positive response from visitors. And for us, well it was an honor to put this idea into reality.

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