The A350 Challenge

Singapore Airlines

In 2006 Singapore Airlines ordered her very first Airbus A350. Ten years later, the inaugural flight from Amsterdam to Singapore finally took place. A historical moment like that is worth a celebration. We were asked to come up with a campaign that created awareness for and engagement with Singapore Airlines, focusing on the positioning¬†Refresh the way you fly. And refreshing it was. The social media campaign was called “The Ultimate A350 Challenge”.


Singapore Airlines


Awareness campaign


April 2016

Meet the A350

The Ultimate A350 Challenge is an interactive game that connects recognizable facts and figures to the characteristics of the aircraft and the outstanding Singapore Airlines service. We produced an extensive social media campaign to spread the word.

We reached over one million people with the Singapore Airlines A350 Challenge. The campaign gathered 1.349.338 impressions, 19.705 engagements (likes, comments and shares) and 12.280 clicks on Facebook.

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