Singha Beer

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Singha Beer is an authentic Thai beer focused on “The taste of Friendship”. What better way to implement this than to use the social media platforms that are built on friendship? We have been executing the social media strategy for Singha Benelux since 2016. We produce content and interact with Singha fans in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. We do this on Facebook and Instagram, combining user-generated content with our own. We also implemented activations and redesigned the website. The Best Thai Award 2016 and 2017 were the highlights of our Singha Beer collaborations.


Westmill Foods UK


Social media management


September 2015 – present

Hold my beer and watch this.


We hate to brag but we know results matter. So here are some numbers to impress you. Singha has 13.000+ fans on Facebook and 1.200 Instagram fans, making it the second biggest Singha account worldwide.

On average Singha receives 3.000 – 5.000 reactions, comments, likes and shares on a monthly basis. During campaigns, the engagement generally triples.

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