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What’s the case

SIRE is a Dutch foundation that makes advertising campaigns on social problematic subjects that need to be discussed and seen. Born05 created the newest SIRE campaign on children living in poverty. Despite the fact that the Netherlands is a prosperous country, 1 in 13 children lives in poverty and that's something we need to talk about.

Our part? Extend the ATL campaign to social.

Social Campaign

The ATL campaign focuses on raising awareness on children in poverty in the Netherlands. Hammerfest extended the ATL campaign in a social first way and used the content as conversation starters.

Cultural Relevance

During the time the Dutch elections where on. And if we eventually want bigger changes on poverty in the Netherlands, we need to bring the conversation to the house of representatives. After using the elections posters for the campaign message we pointed out the problem we're facing that, indeed, it's a vulnerable topic and it's tough to talk about and that's why we should start the conversation.

Increase Awareness

Together with brands and agencies in the Netherlands we increased the awareness and the opportunity to start the conversation on poverty.


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