the inspiration project

Inspiring the youth for America Today


How can we inspire millennials to be confident enough to pursue their dreams?


We created a podcast series with inspiring artists, entrepreneurs, and musicians about following their dreams, and all the good, the bad & the ugly that comes along with it. Host Benten open-heartedly spoke with mc Yuki Kempees, YouTube sensation Kalvijn, entrepreneur Ginny Ramkisoen, editor-in-chief Milou Turpijn and many more. The podcast was recorded live from the pop-up podcast studio in the America Today flagship store. The last podcast was a platform for the two young and ambitious winners of The Inspiration Foundation.

We rounded up the campaign with The Inspiration Party, inviting all listeners for a workshop with Emily Hinks (Mischief Makers, Hyper Island Amsterdam), a live performance by the upcoming singer Youandi and bites & tunes.

What we did

Creative concept, social strategy, video production (partner: Akatak), social advertising, outdoor campaign, event production. Check it out on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud.

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"Draaien en muziek maken is het enige plan in mijn leven. Ik heb geen plan B. Het moet en zal lukken." - Luuk van Dijk (DJ)