How can we break the silence about sexting in religious, low-income households without addressing sex?

Qpido & Gemeente Amsterdam
Vigics - Lamalama -


In the multilingual campaign The talk we found the grey area between sex and sexting, and addressed the need for parental guidance. We used the digital savviness of teens as conversation starters, lowering the threshold for meaningful conversations on a sensitive subject.

Gemeente Amsterdam

The talk

The talk

The talk

“Children can teach us everything about social media. It’s our job to teach them about the risks.”

Done deal

The multilingual campaign was visible on social media and via out-of-home campaign in areas surrounding high schools. Everything lead to an extensive and informative website. We were responsible for the creative concept, social strategy, video production (partner: Vigics), social advertising, and the outdoor campaign.


The campaign received numerous publications in news outlets. The positive response from parents and teens lead to an increase in the amount of requests for educational courses at high schools.



1.2 million

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