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A social awareness campaign against sexting for Gemeente Amsterdam & Qpido


How can we break the silence about sexting in religious, low-income families without addressing sex?


Find the grey area between sex and sexting, and amplify the need for parental guidance. The social campaign consisted of multilingual videos and campaign outings, specifically targeted and retargeted. Plus an extensive and informative website and a regional outdoor campaign.

What we did

Creative concept, social strategy, video production (partner: Vigics), social advertising, outdoor campaign


The requests for courses on school has significantly increased. The item was already high on the social agenda, but the publications emphasized its relevance.


Gemeente Amsterdam & Qpido

Production partner

Lamalama (web design)

Vigics (video production)

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"Children can teach us everything about social media. It's our job as parents to teach them about the risks".

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