What’s the case

There’s a new yoghurt in town: Verdraaid lekkere yoghurt from Mona. Time to introduce this greek style yoghurt (with a swirl of tasty ingredients) to the Dutch audience.


The Dutch love ‘toetjes’  

Everybody knows Mona from the iconic Dutch word ‘toetjes’ (desserts). Mona proves to be an indulgence brand, or as Mona says: The proof is in the pudding. To launch Verdraaid lekkere yoghurt (damn fine yoghurt) on social, our minds swirled around the idea of using the damn fine movement resulting in swirling social content.


Wat een feestje: onze nieuwe verdraaid lekkere yoghurt! #verdraaidlekkereyoghurt

Het voorstelrondje: Mango Passie Witte Choco, Peer Karamel en Kers Chocola. #verdraaidlekkereyoghurt

Verdraaid lekkere content

Verdraaid lekkere yoghurt deserves verdraaid lekkere content. We gave the different Mona elements – the swirl, bite and package –  literally a twist. This resulted in mouthwatering and playful social and banner campaign. 

Warning: staring at this verdraaid lekkere yoghurt will make you swirl.


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