What's the case

Videoland is the #1 Dutch streaming service. With the broad range of (Dutch) series and movies it has binge watch content for anyone and everyone.


Videoland on social

Their new payoff ‘Weet wat speelt’ (Knowing what’s going on) reflects in every social asset. Our goal is to increase engagement on social through monthly content and creative webcare. From stirring up the excitement around popular series to showing the broad range of entertainment: Videoland on social is your friend in entertainment.


Stilstaan om nooit te vergeten. #4mei

Zo, dat lucht lekker op. 

Like als je met Monica een moederdagontbijtje wilt eten. #moederdag

Real friendship is the strategic foundation for every piece of content. Because real friends understand each other, laugh about inside jokes, give each other tips on what to watch and are the center of each others attention. Before starting off with the content, we created a social guide, including a recognisable tone of voice and a social translation of the brand guidelines. This guide is the foundation for every social asset.  


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