Scoop! There is a new guilt-free ice cream brand available: Melt Ice Cream. How do we launch Melt on social media?

Melt Ice Cream


We love ice cream, but we hate feeling guilty after eating it. Ice cream definitely doesn’t fit in our healthy lifestyle. But hold on, how about Melt Ice Cream? This ice cream is lower in calories and high in protein compared to regular dairy ice cream. Now, isn’t that great news? Melt is the perfect treat for everyone who takes good care of themselves. Whether that means eating healthily, going to the gym regularly or staying home to relax on a Friday night. We put the feeling of self-care into words: Lekker Bezig! That’s Dutch (obviously) for something along the lines of ‘you got this’. This Lekker Bezig-feeling was the starting point of the introduction campaign.

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Show us Lekker Bezig

To introduce Melt Ice Cream to the audience, we showed Lekker Bezig by letting people dance while holding Melt in their hands. From sporty moves to zen expressions to a happy dance: three different women, three different good vibes. We made one introduction video and several follow-up videos for Facebook and Instagram.


Show us the flavours

As Melt is a new product, we also created product focused social content. These videos showcase the delicious range of Melt flavours in a playful way.


Flink gesport? Tijd voor iets lekker verkoelends! Wat dacht je van ijs hoog in proteïne en lager in calorieën. #melticecream #lekkerbezig

Zit je in een fijne flow? Pak Caramel Swirl erbij.  #melticecream #lekkerbezig

Heel lekker ijs, maar dan lager in calorieën. Bestaat dat? Yesss!

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