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Cultural relevance has become an essential part of the new luxury equation. TikTok is the biggest social media platform for the next generation. It is a place where creativity is fostered by its users. Staying relevant with the consumer of tomorrow means Tommy Jeans has to become part of the culture on this platform today. So, how can we play along?

Speak through, not to your audience

By being the first brand that legitimately puts all creators first and their brand second. We build upon what creators have created and create new content where creators can build upon. It’s a full circle approach. We’re here to solely increase the creativity currency and respect the TikTok native culture.

Increase the creative currency

This all resulted in creator first content. For the launch we’ve kick-off the platform with a set of assets where artists thank creators with the creative exchange. For each video they created an art piece in return. This generated credibility for all creativity and gave a stage for more creativity. And more importantly the campaign output was solely focused on creative collaborations, no ads.


Why pick one colour if you can have all?