Our Manifesto

About time

Hammerfest is a team of creative go-getters but like any other company it all started very small. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…  In 2015, founders Baba & Guy entered the world of social media advertising. We learned many things throughout the years, but the most important lesson: time is everything. Here’s why.

Time is money and money is time

People want to decide for themselves if, when and how they connect with brands. We’re very selective when it comes to spending our time and that’s a good thing. For Hammerfest, this is an opportunity to challenge brands. We believe that any brand is able to create a meaningful brand experiences if they’re willing to develop the type of content thats worth people’s time first and money second. That’s exactly what we do: we create worthwhile social media advertising. From campaigns to day-to-day community management and all that glitter in between.

To do so, we rely on the three pillars of time: emotions, relevance and needs. We ask ourselves: what do we want people to feel, how can we create relevance and what do they need? If you cover those three elements, people will be willing to spend their time. If you then follow this up with creative sales, you’ve got the $. Take a closer look at our cases, and see if you can find the pillars for yourself.

If people want to spend their time on your brand, you're doing something right.

What’s in a name?

Hammerfest is named after the most northern village of Norway, located within the polar circle. The city’s harbor functions as a haven for icebreakers, clearing paths for other vessels. This matches our perception of creative advertising perfectly – creativity is about leading the way for others. Noticed the pulsing blue dot on our website? That’s Hammerfest.

For our logo, we went back to the roots of Hammerfest and found out that the original inhabitants were Saami. The Saami are nomadic people, inhibiting the Northern European lands. They have a strong sense of community which goes to show in their language and alphabet. Our logo is based on the distinctiveness of the letter ‘H’.

If you're lost you can look and you will find me.
Time after time.

What better way to endorse your brand than to create what you believe in? Needless to say vodka is one of those things. Brewed in Amsterdam, named after Hammerfest. The distinguished taste sure makes you think you can dance. Obviously we drink the vodka at our parties.

Feel free to give us a call or stop by for a sip of vodka. See you soon. Or, as the Norwegians would say:


Vi ses snart,


Founders Guy & Baba

And the rest of the team.